Tanning made without chemicals, without chrome, made with oak bark and other vegetable tannins.
This gives at the leather a warm color camel that patina nicely with time.
The handles are saddle stitched with a hand threaded finish.
The sharp edges of the handles are finished with arabic gum which is applied by hand several times with sanding between each application.

Leading time : between 6 and 8 weeks

Atelier Vime Editions.
Made in France.
Protected creation. "/>
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Wicker and leather lantern, Atelier Vime Editions

“Beaucaire”, daybed/bench, Atelier Vime Editions

Wayne Pate for Atelier Vime

Wayne Pate for Atelier Vime

Rattan, wood and leather table lamp or vase, Ateli...

“The 20’s” Pedestal and vase, At...

Rattan “Medici” pedestal and vase, Ate...

“The Modernist” table, Atelier Vime Editions

“Boulbon” placemat and table center, A...

“Gabriel” suspension

“Aramis” suspension

“The Eye”, placemat and table center, ...

“Solo”, Cône pendant light, Atelier Vime Editions

“Edith” black floor lamp, Atelier Vime Editions

“Edith” light beige reading lamp

“Octogonal” wicker basket, fine wicker...

Wicker “Fifty’s” suspension, Atelier Vime Editions

Wicker basket, “Medici” collection, fi...

Rattan, wood & leather “Scales” s...

Rattan marquetry and black metal side table

XXL rattan marquetry low table

XXL rattan mirror, Atelier Vime Editions

“Edith” black reading lamp

XXL mirror “Constellation Solo”, Ateli...

“Solo” pendant light

“Edith” lamp

“Constellation” mirror