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Rattan “Medici” pedestal and vase

“Gabriel” suspension

“Aramis” suspension

“The Eye”, rattan placemat and table center

“Solo”, Cône pendant light, Atelier Vime Editions

“Edith” black floor lamp, Atelier Vime Editions

“Edith” light beige reading lamp

“Octogonal” wicker basket, fine wickerwork

Wicker “Fifty’s” suspension

Wicker basket, “Medici” collection, fi...

rattan, wood & leather “Scales” screen

Rattan marquetry and black metal side table

XXL rattan marquetry low table

XXL rattan mirror, Atelier Vime Editions

“Edith” black reading lamp

XXL mirror “Constellation Solo”, Ateli...

“Solo” pendant light

“Edith” lamp

“Constellation” mirror