Vime : French word,originates from the latin word vimen, inis , soaked, flexible wood, wicker.
Salix viminalis : green wicker traditionally used by the wickerworkers.

"Le vannier de Vallabrègues, Robert Doisneau" Tous droits réservés.

150 years of history and expertise

Established in Vallabrègues in the county of the Gard, the Atelier Vime lies at the heart of the rich history of wickerworking developed in this village de Provence. Since immemorial times, the wicker culture and work have been the main trades occupying the people of this peninsula bordering the Rhône river, between Arles and Saint Rémy de Provence. Vallabrègues counted as much as 450 wickerworkers out of it's 1800 inhabitants during the 18th century.

The historic arts & craft trade was extinct when the "hotel Drujon" was acquired by the creators of the Atelier Vime. To this day numerous records still attest to the high level of craftmanship cultivated on the property for close to 150 years.

The workshop is installed in 1878 in this compact mansion provided with a large courtyard bordered by a typical Uzès-styled facade. Originally built in 1730 for a family of notables, the building overlooked the Rhone river and counted numerous employees together with three soaking ponds for the fresh wicker.


As of today, Atelier Vime in Vallabrègues offers a selection of vintage articles, including furniture, made of wicker, rattan or cord.

May they be signed by famous creator names (Janine Abraham, Tito Agnoli, Louis Sognot, Audoux-Minnet...) or more anonymous artists, the items presented in our vintage section pay homage to the creative variety and timeless poetry born from the meticulous craftsmanship of these ecological materials.


The Atelier Vime Editions collection calls on the expertise of our wicker and rattan craftsmen's and cultivators and is a direct contribution to the preservation of the local ecosystems and cabinetmakers, ironworkers, ceramists, distiller, master candlemaker, fabric printer...
All our home collections are entirely handmade in France.