Wayne Pate for Atelier Vime

Lights Editions Accessories

A collaboration between Brooklyn based artist Wayne Pate and Atelier Vime.

Inspired by the provençal way of life and Atelier Vime's universe, the hand painted shades created by Wayne Pate are one of a kind, colorful and luxurious.

For custom orders, please make an inquiry.

From left to right, height & width :

*Visage, orange and green/ 17*20cm
*Visage, light beige and black/ 17*20cm
*Fleurs, kaki and pink/ 17*20cm
*Herbes & fleurs, saumon and kaki/ 21,5*35cm
*Coquelicot, light beige and emerald/ 24*23cm
*Grenade, orange, green and pink/ 12*15cm

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